Wednesday, March 03, 2010


When the Civil Partnership started to be muted and thought of I thought what a good idea, I know it was instigated by Homosexuals and their friends, but why should two people who have lived together for along time and contributed to each others mode of living not have protection under the law but as usual an excellent idea got high jacked by a small minority. Initially I was led to believe this was not about a person’s sexual preference but putting a wrong right. There were many people who live together for years but do not have a sexual relationship which were not treated fairly under the law for example an Uncle and nephew, aunt and niece, two spinsters, two brothers or just a couple of friends I could go on. My idea of this civil partnership was that the couple would go to a magistrate and sign up for a Civil Partnership very much like a business partnership but no the militant Homosexual lobby had to make it into an alternative to marriage and only for those who were Lesbian and Homosexual a blatant act of discrimination. A good idea ruined.
The latest attack for the Homo Militants is the Church they demand that Lesbians and Homosexuals can get married in Church and it seems that once again with help by the Government they will get their way. The first question I must ask what right has the government to get involved in religion? Can I remind our politician what Jesus said Luke 20:25 And He said to them, "Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." You politicians deal with Man’s Law not God’s Law. It says something about a government that they want to change the way we worship and what we are to believe in. Most of the main religions believe that Homosexual Act is sinful and most preach forgiveness of sins i.e. you can not change what you are but do not practise the physical act. You may not agree with that statement but it is a fact and if you want carry on that life style that is for you decide rightly so and you should not be persecuted for that fact. Yet Homosexuals should also respect the fact that not everyone agree with what they do I would suggest the great majority.
Marriage is about the unification of two people the extension of the family and the procreation of children and if done in a Church it is of very high religious significance for Catholics it is a sacrament. Marriage is not a way to make a political statement by some militant organisation.
I will put my trust in God before I put my trust in a Government

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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