Monday, March 08, 2010

Gordon Brown Luvs Gypsies

Female campaigner for gipsy rights 'ran £2.6m benefit scam for Romanians'

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A campaigner for Roma gipsies' rights has been charged with helping scores of Romanians illegally claim millions in benefits.
Lavinia Olmazu, 30, and her boyfriend Alin Enachi, 29, are said to have masterminded a scam by which 172 Romanians claimed £2.6million.
Olmazu, who was arrested last week, was working as an 'inclusivity outreach worker' to Roma gipsies for both Haringey and Waltham Forest councils in North London.
Fake documents: Lavinia Olmazu allegedly helped Romanian migrants to claim millions in benefits
The academic, who has campaigned for greater understanding of gipsy culture, is accused with Enachi of using a supposedly charitable organisation called Roma Concern to help coordinate the fraud.
The couple appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday alongside six gipsies, each of whom is alleged to have pocketed thousands of pounds from the scam.

Under rules introduced when Romania joined the EU in 2006, Romanian migrants cannot get a National Insurance number - which is the key to getting benefits - unless they can prove they have paid employment

These Gypies can not help themselves it is in theie culture to lie cheat and steal so why was they let into the country another reason to get rid of this government and come out of the eu

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