Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Tenerife purchase

A Visitor
I have decided to buy 2 week apartment at the Flamingo Club which has a lot of improvements being made one bed apartments here rent for £1000 a week. By purchasing two weeks peak season I can exchange for 4 weeks off season, which is when I normally holiday. The apartment is great with an excellent view and it is the process of refurbishment as is the whole of the site, a VIP area including a infinity Pool will built with in the next few years and as an owner we will be able to use this area. I can also let friends use one of my 4 weeks obviously at ½ the price. This  was expensive but could increase in value if I wanted to sell and with the amount of Russians buying everything up that will not be difficult.
It interesting that I feel guilty about spending the money and keep thinking what would my mum say? Val and me have been married for 47 years in January and for 25 years of that it has been hard so we value money and never spend beyond our limits old fashioned I know but something our generation has been bought up with. Anyway we discussed it at length and she convinced me it was the way to go anyway it is her birthday on the 21st November where she will reach the big 70 so this is a birthday present.

Back to the holiday still very hot burnt the top of my head hence buying hats. Went to a Japanese restaurant was an excellent meal expensive but worth the money, everything was brought out in small portions and you can watch the chef preparing the food. My friend Russell Dodds passed away 18 months ago and when I ate the Misu Soup it reminded me of the last time we were together at the World Championships in Japan having Sushi with him. He is certainly missed

Not allowed pancakes with Brandy Flamed but is holiday and will not waste a drop

Who can remember this "Interesting BUT Stupid"

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