Monday, November 21, 2016

Val at 70

 Valerie Clarke nee Apps will be 70 on November 21st. It doesn’t seem possible the girl I met and started courting (there is old fashioned word) in 1967 has reached this age. To me she is still the young girl I met all those years ago and if you look at the photos you say 70 NO! I can honestly say all the time you still fancy your wife your marriage will be solid and when you get to the time you stop fancying her you most probably do not fancy anything apart from your bed and a bathroom. I asked if I could put some photos on with her in a Bikini and the answer was NO so the other photos were out of the question

Val Present from the Kids

All the family gathered round on Saturday for a meal at Thai Fusion, 14 of us all told, I said I would pay for everything at £25 a head I thought that is not to bad £350 but did get a shock when I was present with a bill for the whole evening a whopping great £610 that made the bar bill £260. Never mind it was a great evening for a special women and an evening not to be forgotten. Any way it is only money who needs to buy food pay electric bills etc.

So as it was her birthday I said Val have a lay in that’s the kind of man I am, waiting a little bit longer for my Breakfast was not a problem

Val my love for is bigger now then when I first met you, mind you so is my stomach

Val lots of love from me and I will start saving for your 80th

Val with the new Mrs Clarke

There is some ugly women about

With Harry

with Lewis


Val's best Friends Sheila and Ann Sheehan

Clarke Women

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