Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Media and Press over the top with disaster

The Tower Block Fire was obviously a Human disaster but the Media and Press coverage has gone to far. Newspapers have nearly ½ their pages on the disaster and as for LBC it is non-stop radio on the subject and do we learn anything new NO it is just past news being repeated. These outlets seem to be enjoying the disaster, they love pontificating and giving their opinion, in many cases in accurate. Here some questions I would like answered:

1)   It was reported that the fridge caught fire and started the fire. So why did the fuse in the plug not blow? Why did the trip not work on the Fuse Box?
2)   I have several one-bedroom flats and bedsits and each Kitchen I have to supply a Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket so small fire can be controlled, did these flats have the same?
3)   I detest the London Mayor who is turning London into an Islamic state BUT why is he being blamed for the Fire he was not responsible for the regulations. The same can be said of the PM Mrs May what has she or her Government to do with the control of the building works?
4)   For those who had dealing with building a structure, they will know you apply for planning permission and you will be served with Building regulations. These have to be abided by and I believe the EU instigates them. Building Inspectors would come and check the work on a regular basis
5)   So the question must be asked did the Building Inspector do their job properly? If they did surely they would have spotted substandard materials if there were any?
6)   The Labour party and their Lefty friends are blaming austerity this is rubbish as Building Regulations and fire Regulations have to be abided by in most cases by Law 
7)   Corbyn a typical Communist says the very rich who have empty flats should have them taken from them by legislation. So if this happens where does it stop? As soon as this done it will be like a communist state where all property will be owned by the state
8)   Corbyn says they should be housed in the same area? Where do they get these houses and where is there building plots in the area? If there is accommodation in the area it should be given to those who are working as they may need to be near their work as for those on Housing Benefit they should take what is given
9)   Mrs May has promised £5 million pounds to the people what have the Multi Millionaire Lefty Celebrities’ given? Come to that what has Corbyn or the Mayor of London given?

It is obvious when Corbyn and idiots like Lilly Allen came on the scene for a Photo Opportunity the whole issue was to become a Political issue to promote the Marxist Labour Party the attacks on the town hall by young people wearing masks proved that and the demonstration in Downing Street by left wing organisation like the Socialist Workers was further proof. The Left, Labour Party and left wing Unions are organising demonstrations and strikes during the summer to bring down the Government it seems they do not understand the word Democracy. Yet I say good and the people of this country especially the young will see what the Left Wing and the Labour party are really like

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