Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Torbay Hospital

Many of you know I have been critical of the NHS and how we treat it as a Sacred Cow where we pour Tax Payers money into an inefficient system. Most has been on my own personal experience.

I recently I had to attend a Hospital in Torbay I thought I was having another bout of Kidney Stones thankfully it turned out to be a Kidney Infection still very painful but cleared with the help from Antibiotics in a couple of days. I was surprised by the Efficiency and Friendliness of the Torbay Hospital. I drove to the Hospital in considerable Pain pulled outside the main entrance asked the security guard where A&E was and asked where I could park the Car his response was a surprise he said “ You look like you are pain leave the car I will look after it and it will not be clamped because I am the person who does the clamping” Can you imagine that a Medway. Down to A&E with in 10 minutes the Triage Nurse was taking Blood, Urine. Blood Pressure and Plus that was followed by a ECG. Once the test was in a Doctor came and saw me the whole episode took 3 hours and were expecting to be their all night. Great Service Great Hospital if all NHS Hospitals were like this in GB I would have no complain but sadly they are not

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