Thursday, July 06, 2017

Dinner Lady Suspended

You all need to watch this and can you tell me what is happening to this country surely everyone has the right to peaceful demonstration. Would this discrimination happen if it were a peaceful Left wing Demo? NO we have illegal terrorist organisations like HAMAS demonstrating in London and the Muslim Mayor of London and the Met Police do nothing/

I am not a member of the EDL or Tommy Morrison organisation BUT I do have a lot of respect for what they are doing by bringing to our attention what is happening in the UK things that the Establishment, Political Elite want to ignore. Let us see if the Establishment Press Media follow up on this story?

 We are seeing more and more Headteachers becoming involved in Politics and trying to promote a Left wing agenda, Everyone should send a copy of this to their local MP Leader of the Council so it doesn't happen in your area. This Head Teacher should be named and shamed

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