Saturday, July 29, 2017


Now Trump has supposed to ban Transgender People entering the Military?

Yet my understanding was that he would not allow those who are in the Military to be able change sex for the reason of Cost and moral, he also will not allow people going through the Change to enter the Military for the same reason. The Military are there to defend your country they are not there for Social experiments

Now my understanding if they have gone through the complete gender change they are allowed to enter because they have reassigned their sex . Now I have this strange notion that if some one has a Penis they are Male with a Vagina is a woman. So do these people who the change remain always as Transgender or are they a Man or Women? If they are the latter there is no problem them entering the Military.

If the UK armed forces allowed gender change for serving personal, what of the cost not just the operation but the subject would not be able to do their job. Also where does it stop Service personnel allowed Breast Enlargement, Penis enlargement etc, etc. The last thing that our reduced Armed Forces want is more PC as for the LGBT champion Rear Admiral Burton instead of spending time on Social issues he should be doing his job of looking after all his Sailors.

I have to admit I was shocked when I read that our Navy allows Gender change and will pay for it implication, the Navy and the rest of the armed forces complain about funding BUT the can find money for this Gender change surely the money would be better used to defend our country

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