Thursday, January 04, 2018

BBC plumbed to new depths

Britain in general & the BBC in particular plumbed new depths today.

No other country in the democratic world would this be allowed.

From 8am this morning & right across their radio & tv news network the BBC allowed a staff nurse to repeatedly attack the government over the so-called “NHS crisis” without mentioning that she is a top Corbynista, a £45k salaried member of the Labour Party & an extreme hard-line Left-Wing activist.

5Live News, Radio4 Today programme & BBC TV News all introduced Danielle Tiplady by saying:

“Let’s bring in Danielle who is a staff nurse”, before she went on to reel off Labour policy attack lines on the NHS.

What the BBC didn’t tell listeners or viewers is that until recently Tiplday’s Twitter account used the name “Danielle vote Labour”, she has addressed dozens of protest rallies where her favourite chant is “Tories out!”, writes for The Revolutionary Socialist website Counterfire. the communist Morning Star, & is a leader of the “sack Jeremy Hunt” Bursary or Bust campaign.

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