Wednesday, January 10, 2018

is a Transgender women a real women?

Can a Transgender really become a male of Female? If transgender women do not have Uterus, have fallopian tubes and clitoris how can they be classified as a complete women?  Maybe they should be given another name maybe Geezer Bird or Mush Malt or She male. The same for Transgender to Men if they still have a Uterus and other women bits after they have had Penis construction are they a true Man maybe they should have a new name can not think of one at the moment. Or should we just describe people as Man and Women and just redefine the two sexes to conform to left wing political correctness? Lets be honest Nature selection has been thrown out the window with all sorts of people being allowed to have children surrogate, adoption etc. and a child having a Mum and Dad is no longer required. Child is a commodity to be purchased by all and sundry. If a grown adult want to go through a sex change and pay for it that’s their choice but should parents be putting young children through the process? What if in years to come they realise it was a mistake can they sue their parents?
One wonders if Nature had done a better job then the scientists

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