Thursday, September 21, 2006

Banks and my money

I recently went into my local bank to with draw £2500 in cash as I had to pay some biulders for work being done in one of my flats. The cashier as per usual was very polite, I gave her my cheque and then came the bomb shell I was asked for 2 forms of ID before they woould cash my cheque. This irratated me I told her that I had been with the bank and this branch for 40 years and was well known she said it was bank policy and she could not do anything about it, I then demanded to see the manager. He dutifully arrived and again was very polite but tried to explain these measures were introduced to prevent fraud, prevent money laundering and prevent terroism my answer was BULLSHIT, I said I was well known not a complete stranger. I did get my money without having to show my passport only because I threatend to bclose my account. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO CARRY AROUND ID in a free country. The whole incident reminded me of the that 60's Programme "the Prisoner" and the catch phrase "I am not a number"

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