Thursday, September 21, 2006


I thought I would take advantage of some offers on a New Computer so I travelled down from Sittingbourne to Canterbury PC World, I look round the store for a salesman eventually one turned up. After 15 minutes of asking questions about the product I decided to buy the PC, 10 minutse later I am told the store was out of stock. I then asked a reasonable question why should such a large store run out of stock aspecially as there was a major Newspaper advertising campaign in progress. At this point I asked to speak to the manager but instead of coming to me he sent messages back via the salesman eventually I found the manager telling him I had come a long way his retort was I should have telephoned first and no he would not sell me the display model at a reduced price I could have the display model at the marked price. Could not some one have put a sign saying out of stock any good manager would keep a check on stock. Needless to say I suggest you do not use PC World and I hope PC World read this.

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