Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Personal Thoughts

I am new to Blogging (if that is the right term) so you will have to bear with me. I have called the site my “Personal Thoughts” which could be anything but I expect most will be Politics and Martial Arts.

I have always been interested in Politics but over the last few years my trust in any other the three main parties at National level has got to an all time low. In the past I have been Deputy Chairman local Conservative party, Borough councillor and tried for Kent County Council, I am fervently anti EU. In the UK we starting to go the way of France where we have a political elite who think they have the God given right to rule us, the only hindrance is getting elected, once elected they can do as they please. This has become more so under Tony Blair and his cronies who have a total disregard for the Democratic system and the wishes of the people. A for David Cameron his New Conservative Party has no resemblance to the Party I joined.

So what do I do, well I shall vote Conservative again for the following reasons 1) they are the best of a very bad bunch and anything must be better then this corrupt, inefficient, war mongering Labour Government 2) I am lucky enough to know Gordon Henderson who should be our Conservative Candidate for Sittingbourne & Sheppey at the next election. He is one of those strange candidates who is local, served as a local councillor for a couple of decades, know local people, know s the area. A strange phenomenon in the days where Political Parties at Central Office decide who us plebs should have. 3) I also have met Daniel Hannan MEP who is continually fighting GB’s corner in that den of Evil the European Union.

Well I have started hope you enjoy or at least get annoyed

Martin Clarke

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