Sunday, April 15, 2007


Please read this and make your own descision, hopefully Derek Wyatt will answer if he does I will post his reply

Martin Clarke

An open letter to Derek Wyatt MP
14th April 2007

Dear Derek

You have today posted on your website the following statement in relation to the Kent Science Park:-

“The Tories support an extension of the footprint outside of the current park and their spokesperson Gordon Henderson wants 2200 extra houses. The houses would support the funding of the southern ring road.”

I know that you are worried about losing your seat at the next General Election but is it really necessary to tell such outrageous lies to try and blacken my name in the hope of gaining an advantage?

As we have made clear in all our literature, local Conservatives support an expansion of the Science Park inside its existing boundaries, but oppose any expansion outside those boundaries. That is the position also of the Five Parishes Opposition Group.

On a personal level, I have made clear my opposition to any housing development attached to the Kent Science Park proposal. I have also made clear that although I support the Southern Distributor Route (the A2-M2 link) my support is conditional upon the road being built in a location acceptable to local communities and being funded by the Government. The A2-M2 link should not be reliant upon a housing development to fund it.

As you are well aware this is a very sensitive issue in the area and misrepresenting my position in this way borders on the libellous. I would therefore be grateful if you would provide details of exactly when and where I said, or wrote, that I wanted “2200 extra houses”.

If you cannot provide this information please remove this statement from your website immediately and refrain from repeating these false accusations in the future.

Yours sincerely

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