Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vineyard A report to the Press

I recently had a disagreement with a Local bar in the town over their conduct in dealing with illegal activities on their premises, namely drug dealing. The bars policy was to eject people for dealing drugs in the bar this in its self may on the surface seem to be correct accept I believe it is there duty to inform the police so that these dealers can be arrested or be released if a false accusation has been made through malicious accusation, I was also told that if ejected they are not automatically banned i.e. they can return the following day.
As a Licensee, Martial arts Coach to local children and an ex councillor this worried me so I contacted the manager who was very young and inexperienced this may explain his rude and belligerent manner my next course of action was to write to the management company of these chain of Pubs/Bars to ask what was their policy on illegal activity in their premises and 5 weeks later I got the standard answer we agree with our management but no explanation.
With the Local Council now being the local authority I made application to have their license reviewed but as expected nothing is to be done and the reasons are as follows “The Council cannot go the expense of conducting a review hearing if it has no prospect of success” so much for Due Process, so much for combating crime, so much for Swale B C and the Police protecting the Public, this country and this town are being flooded with drugs and when some one tries to stop the abuse they are ignored. So long as the Council do not spend money, so long as the Police can spend their time chasing people for being Politically Incorrect and as long as the pub chain can continue to make money lets turn a blind eye to drugs.

WHAT A COUNTRY! With the election on us ask your prospective councillors what they think! You can read all the letters on


Martin Clarke

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