Thursday, June 28, 2007

Metric Martyrs

Can I bring to your attention about a petition calling for a “Royal Pardon for the Metric Martyrs” these were 4 men Steve Thoburn, Julian Harman, Colin Hunt and John Dove who were convicted in 2001 for selling fruit and veg in pounds on imperial scales instead of using metric? For more information

The BBC particularly try and convince us that our Imperial Weights and Measures are out dated and we should use the EU metric system but even they in times of crises or moments of great achievement and joy revert back to our traditional methods i.e.

The recent floods they reported how many inches of rain fell and rivers had risen by so many feet, they usually use centimetres and meters.
The very high winds some months ago were reported at speeds of miles per hour not in Kilometres.
When a celebrity’s baby is born it is announced in pounds and ounces.

Why? Because British People can Relate and Visualise our Traditional British Measurements.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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