Thursday, June 07, 2007

Brian Austin YJC Tribute

Most of you will have read in the local paper that former Councillor Brian Austin has died from Cancer, you can read in the local paper the good he has done for the community has a whole but I thought fitting that their should be some mention of his support for the Young Judo Club and the Clarke family.

The most important thing I found about Brian was that he never forgot his roots; he went to School in Sittingbourne, worked in Sittingbourne, lived in Sittingbourne and knew Sittingbourne. With Sittingbourne becoming more of a commuter town and with these new people becoming more involved in the community i.e. Councillors etc he never forgot the originals who put time and effort into the town long before it was fashionable. He had helped the Young Judo Club on numerous occasions and would often be guest of honour at Club events where he would spend a couple of hours, in my attempt to make the 1980 Moscow Olympics it was Brian and the late Ernie Madgwick who stood up in Council and asked the Swale Council to support me, they refused but I will not forget his help. I like Brian shared an interest in politics but we had different points of view but he never let that effect his judgement or friendship in fact when I told him I had been approached by the Conservative Party to stand as at the local elections he said “Good we need some Sittingbourne Originals on the Council”.

Brian Austin will not be forgotten he gave his all for Sittingbourne, I am often known as the Sittingbourne Big Man in the Martial Arts World but to me Brian is the Sittingbourne Giant and I am proud to say I have stood in his shadow.

My Families and Young Judo Club sympathises and respects go to his wife Valerie and his family.

Martin Clarke
On behalf of the Clarke family and Young Judo Club

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