Thursday, June 14, 2007

4 year old on TV Talent show

I never watch any of the so called reality shows, I am also not keen on these latest fad of talents show but by chance I sat down and watched the latest talent show “Britain got Talent” this seemed to be different from all the others as it had many different types of acts. I am not old enough to have visited an old fashioned MUSIC HALL but I should imagine this programme would be on the same lines.

Yet I was disgusted by seeing some children performing, one as young as 4 years, OH I hear you say but she is cute! My problem is that as a Judo and Martial Coach I have to attend along with most Coaches in the Combat Disciplines “Child Protection Courses” all club have to have a “Child Protection Officer” we are continually told Children are not Mini Adults and they must be allowed to develop as children. In the case of Judo and Sombo Wrestling the minimum age to participate is 5 years, special competitions are organised for the 5, 6, 7 year old. Judo and Sombo coaches are very aware that some parents try to fulfil their dreams through their children, pressuring their children to enter competition and win medals. Does this benefit the child or the ego of the parents? I am not against competition as I believe it can be character building but it must be handled responsibly.

Should this 4 year old be allowed to enter a Talent Show which is mainly for adults and very high profile? Is this a form of abuse by the parents and Talent show organisers? Or are the parents giving the child a helping hand for the future in what has become this countries New Religion “The Celebrity”?

I honestly do not know? Maybe some one from the high echelons of Child protection can enlighten me

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