Thursday, July 05, 2007

Global Warming A Reply

Dear Editor

In last weeks EKG Mr Ben Murphy lambasted Miss Helmsley- Flint because she suggested Climate Changes have happened since the World was formed and you also suggested that anyone who does not believe that man is not totally responsible for Global Warming must be mad or a member of the Flat Earth Society. Now I am not a scientist and can not make any scientific judgement on Global Warning but I can read and have enough imagination not to be conned by indoctrination techniques. I started reading articles on Global Warning first of all the only information you could get was that of those who believed that Global warning is a man made problem what made me have doubts was the hypocrisy of those who preached man’s forthcoming doom and then it was all the politicians/pop stars who jumped on the bandwagon and lastly the clincher was that it was an excuse for governments to raise taxes. The main theme is that greenhouse carbon dioxide is to blame and we should cut back and the worst offenders are:
Aeroplane flights which have been taxed has this stopped people flying NO all it has done is given more taxes to the government, if Global Warming is going to destroy our planet in a few years time why have not all flights with the exception of humanitarian ones been banned? We must all cut back on electricity and use energy saving bulbs, yet our towns and motorways are lit up like Christmas trees at night, supermarkets open 24 hours what about the electricity there. Save the Planet Pop concerts which use an inordinate amount of electricity, ten of thousands of people to travel most coming by vehicles which produced carbon monoxide, how many plastic cups and bags are used at these events, World governments flying all over the world with their entourage to attend meeting on Global Warming, how much carbon is produced shipping food from all over the World to the UK, for instance why do we need apples from South Africa or Strawberries form Spain I could go on. I am not suggesting that all these things should be altered but its hypocritical for us to be lectured at for being so Naughty.
Mr Murphy goes on to say that our only chance is the European Union this most probably one of the most corrupt organisation their has ever been, it cannot balance its own books, it promised to get rid of corruption in its organisation something it has not done, any thing the EU says or does cannot be trusted it is like the old Soviet Union using propaganda and subterfuge to justify its existence. As for 95% of scientists agreeing that World warming is man made where he did get this information form was it just plucked out of the air was every scientist in the World asked? Mr Murphy condemned the Channel 4 documentary inferring it was a one off but there has been several articles suggesting the same as Channel 4 the latest is an article entitled “The Great Man Made Global Warming Fraud” by John Prendergast is article is supported by 43 bibliographies I suggest every one read it. Can I quote from his article

“All three major UK political parties accept man made global warming as dogma, fostered by such as Lord Rees, Al Gore, Sir David King, Sir Crispin Tickell, Sir Nicholas Stern, Nancy Pelosi, Dr Pachauri, I)avid Milliband, and Heidi Cullen. Other greens such as Monbiot and Porrit also are homo flagelists. The US Academy of Sciences is in this camp as is the Union of Concern Scientists (another Trade Union). Their focus is the UN body called the Inter governmental Panel for Climate Change (actually heavily funded by the UK Would it be cynical to say their anti capitalist target seems to be the humbling of Big Oil and pursuit of funds or are they just Mencken’s Hobgoblins?”

Do I believe Global Warming is man made I do not know but one thing is for sure I will not be bullied into believing anything whether it be by Government dictate or by order of the European Dictatorship

I do believe in recycling it makes good sense not to use up the Worlds resources, I do believe in cutting back on pollution for health reason, I do believe in making cars more efficient it will save me money and keep the limited oil stocks longer.
Oh and by the way Editor your own letter in Gazette Gossip with reference to the unusual weather conditions being a modern day phenomena can I suggest you look at your article on “Dusting of the files where in 1957 there was a freak Hailstorm and Sittingbourne High street was flooded” also do you remember the heat wave of 1976?
Martin Clarke www.sittingbourne .org

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