Friday, July 27, 2007

Is Gordon Brown a traitor to GB or a EU Patriot

Scandal of new EU “Constitution”.

GORDON Henderson has added his voice to criticism of the EU draft treaty that was recently negotiated by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, accusing the Government of “scandalously undemocratic behaviour”.

The treaty, which was signed by Tony Blair just before he stepped down as Prime Minister, but was heavily influenced by his successor, Gordon Brown, is almost a carbon copy of the European “Constitution” that was so decisively rejected by Dutch and French voters less than two years ago, and on which both Mr Blair and Mr Brown promised the British People would be able to vote in a referendum.

The problem is that currently few members of parliament can make a proper judgement on the “treaty” because the only copy circulated in the House of Commons is in French!

The ludicrous situation has been highlighted by North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, who this week challenged the Leader of the House, Harriett Harman, to make the EU Draft Constitutional Treaty available in English to Members of the House to study during the parliamentary recess period.

Gordon said:
‘Hooray for Roger Gale! At least we have one Kent MP who believes in British democracy. It is quite scandalous that the Government has failed to provide members of the parliament with a copy of the treaty in English.

‘How on earth can they make a proper judgement about the treaty when it is French! The conclusion has to be that the Government does not want MP’s to read the treaty in English, because they will be able to prove conclusively that the treaty is simply the European Constitution under a different name!

‘Whatever one’s views on Europe, this is simply an undemocratic manoeuvre by the Government to stifle debate and avoid having a referendum that Gordon Brown knows he would lose. That is quite shameful!

‘This whole episode once again tarnishes the whole image of the European Union and simply reinforces my own view that we would be better off out of the EU.’

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