Friday, July 27, 2007

Who are these fools who support Gordon Brown?

The polls tell us that this Labour Government under the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown is 9 points ahead that would mean a complete landslide victory for the Labour Party, purely because people think we have a new government!
Gordon Brown was Tony Blair’s second in command since 1997 and as such supported everything he done so lets have a look at Labours legacy:
1) Increased Taxation
2) Increased Teenage Pregnancy
3) Increased usage of illegal drugs
4) Increase in crime especially teenage crime
5) Increase in illegal immigration
6) Increase in deadly hospital diseases
7) Increase in power to the EU
8) Increase in unemployment for native Britain’s, work taken by 2 million EU workers who accept lower wages
9) Patients having to go to European Court to get the NHS to supply life saving drugs
10) High percentage of youngsters out of control
11) More money and help given to foreign disaster areas then our flood disaster
12) A massive recruitment problem for the Armed Forces
I could go on and on, so who are these people who want to vote for this treacherous, inefficient, corrupt government? I am no great lover of David Cammeron but I would rather vote for him then Gordon Brown and his henchman mid you I would rather vote for my neighbour’s dog then vote labour

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