Thursday, February 07, 2008

6 Million on state handouts

It was reported that 6 million people in GB rely on “State Handouts” a lot of these are lazy and refuse to work but I would suggest that there are many who do it purely for financial reasons i.e. An unskilled man with children receives more money on the dole then he does working, he may want work but can not afford to. Off course I do not agree with this situation and we need to have a radical change but how we can when we still import cheap labour, how long will it be that all unskilled and semi skilled British Workers are no longer needed in GB, these jobs will be taken by CHEAP foreign Labour. So with in 10 years 50% of the indigenous British population will never work and will be supported by the state from cradle to grave. Who pays for this? the immigrant labour may pay tax but because they on a low wage that will be very little and what they do pay will spent on the burden they put on the state by using things as the National Health and claiming benefits like child benefit, so it will be the those British Subjects who are working or have businesses who will have pay through massive Tax increases. The blame for this lies in the hands of the Labour government so hopefully when Conservative Government is elected things will change BUT will it? The main reason we have so many Immigrants in GB is because this Labour Government collapsed to an edict from the European Union can a Conservative Government change this EU this rule and others and if they can’t will they leave the EU to save the Indigenous British Population from a foreign dictatorship? Can Mr Cammeron answer this question?

One cannot blame just government for our problems businesses and employers must shoulder some of the blame, talking to some friends of mine who are in business, they maintain that businesses and shareholders are only interested in Profit, making money nothing else matters, if that means sacking every British worker and employing Immigrant workers so be it. Where is the ethics and morality in that? Surely one of the reasons anyone goes into business is to help others and not profit from the misery of others may be an old fashioned Christian virtue but one I feel we need to return to.

Martin Clarke East Street Sittingbourne

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