Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Flag an E Book from Local man

6 The Crescent
ME12 3BQ

Date: 6th February 2008
Release date: Immediate
Subject: Local man publishes E-book

LOCAL man, Gordon Henderson, has published a book with a difference; not for him the traditional printed paper with a hard back cover, instead Gordon has released his latest novel, The Flag, as an electronic book, which can be played on the CD-Rom of any home computer, or, laptop.

The Flag is a raunchy, political thriller set on Sheppey in the year 2020. England is no more; it has been subsumed into a United States of Europe and is now known as Mercia, a region governed by the extreme left-wing European Republican Party.

As the screw turns, the ERP set about systematically dismantling a thousand years of English heritage and tradition. Led by the sadistic Inquisitor General, James Sterling, the Department of Directive Enforcement wages a war of terror that has wiped out all opposition, except the English Liberation Army.

But Gordon warns that people who buy the book, thinking that it is a dry political read, might be shocked to find that some of the passages are pretty steamy!

Gordon said:
‘I have put a warning on the inside cover of the CD because I wanted readers to know in advance that it contains some strong language and material of a sexually explicit nature. Some of the extracts would certainly not be suitable for publishing in our local family newspaper!

‘But I decided to retain those sections because they are highly relevant in the context of the story, which is partly about morality and corruption in its various forms,

Gordon went on to explain that he decided to publish the E-book as an experiment, but that he still wants to publish the novel in traditional form for those people who do not have access to a computer.

‘More and more people are reading national newspapers on-line; rather than buy the old newsprint versions. If that is happening with newspapers then I suspect that fewer and fewer people are picking up a book to read, because they are too pre-occupied with their computers.

‘This is an experiment to see if I am right. I hope that by publishing The Flag as an E-book it might encourage those people to buy the CD, stick it into their laptops and read it that way.

‘Of course, not everybody has access to a computer and many people, including me, simply love the feel of a real book in their hands, so I am busy looking for a publisher to print the novel in the traditional form.’

The Flag, which is currently published only in Microsoft Word format, can be ordered by sending an email to Price £10 (including UK postage and packaging).

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