Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ollie Batts questions unemployed

A few years ago I worked part time in a Job Club, supposedly helping theunemployed get back into work.We helped them with their CV's, and with letter writing, in the hope of themsecuring interviews.It's amazing how many of them would talk freely about their 'entitlements'.When I asked them why they thought they were entitled to receive a wage fordoing nothing, and contributing nothing to society, some would say, "Well,my Grandfather worked all his life!"When I would sometimes point out a job and say, 'You could do that!', they'dlook at the wage and say, "Yes, but they are only paying £220 a week, and Ieffectively already 'earn' £180 a week anyway, when I take everything intoconsideration. So I'd only be working for £1 an hour. And then I'd be taxedon that as well, so it would not be worth getting out of bed for."So I'm afraid that's the mentality we've allowed 'these people' to grow upwith. "My Dad never had to work, so why should I?"I'd impose a law that says, 'You don't get anything, for doing nothing'. By which I mean, sweep the roadsides and pick up rubbish in the streets. Or do any kind of work that you are able to do in order to receive money from thestate. And that would apply to everyone, unless they were in a vegetative condition, or similar. If that work was felt to be too demeaning, then workhard and get a better job. There should be no such thing as a free lunch.Feel free to put that on your blog.Ollie

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