Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Am I Racist or has PC gone mad?

Am I Racist or has PC gone mad?

A new programme has come to our screens called Merlin, it about the Wizard in the time of King Arthur. Not the most ground breaking piece of TV but a good ¾ hour of escapism, so why have I posed the question “am I racist”? Well quite simply we have many villagers and soldiers in the programme who are black and one of the main characters is of mixed race. King Arthur lived in the 6th Century so how would Black People be in Britain? I suppose when the Romans left a Century before Arthur there could have been Black Soldiers in the Roman Army but would they have stayed on and integrated with the Britons? Maybe but it does seem some what tenuous. I believe that the Programme makers are taking Political Correctness to the extreme fearing that if they did not have a minority represented they may be penalised. Although the programme is just a story as is the Legend of King Arthur and there fore is not legitimise as an accurate historical fact but my problem is this just another way of some lefty producer trying to alter our history to make it more sanitised to the chattering classes who invent Political Correctness. History with all its problems is there and trying to rewrite it does not alter what happened.

So am I racist or am I a realist?

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne Kent

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