Tuesday, October 21, 2008

EU Flag to become official for GB


Date: 20th October 2008
Release date: Immediate
Subject: Europe uses world economic crisis to “bury” constitution betrayal

Gordon Henderson has expressed outrage that Members of the European Parliament have voted to reinstate the EU’s national symbols of a flag, anthem, motto and public holiday.

Mr Henderson has accused MEPs of using the current world economic crisis to “bury” what amounts to a public betrayal.

The European symbols were deleted from the EU constitution, before being sold to the British Public as the Lisbon Treaty. This change allowed Gordon Brown and his Labour colleagues, including local MP, Derek Wyatt, to refuse Britain the referendum on the Constitution that was promised in the Labour manifesto at the last election.

Mr Henderson said:

‘The decision by the European Parliament, despite opposition by Conservative MEPs, to reinstate these symbols of nationhood is quite outrageous. This is a cynical move to introduce a European Constitution by the backdoor and British voters have every right to feel betrayed.

‘It is particularly galling that the EU has sneaked this vote out when the world is facing an economic crisis. With so many people worrying about losing their jobs and homes you would have thought MEPs would have better things to do than waste time making Beethoven’s Ninth the European national anthem!

‘I suspect the EU has taken this step now because they hoped that nobody would notice. Quite simply they tried to use the world economic crisis to bury this betrayal.

‘Derek Wyatt and his Labour colleagues denied us the referendum promised in their election manifesto, because they argued the Lisbon Treaty was not the European Constitution. Well that argument has been blown out of the water and it is now time to ask the British people whether at this very worrying economic time the country should adopt the European constitution.

‘If Parliament needs extra time to put a referendum in place MPs can always cut down on their proposed 24 day Christmas holiday!’

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