Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jamie Oliver and the Scroungers

Jamie Oliver

I have yet to watch the TV Programme where Jamie visits people who are on the Dole permanently and tries to teach them to cook. Listening to the Radio and friends who watched it there was a lot of disgust about women on the show who claimed to be poor but could afford to smoke, drink copious amounts of Beer and have a massive TV. The radio programme I listened to ask the questions how do we get this scrounger back to work, well I have a suggestion.
You have to accept that there are people in our society who are lazy malingers and would rather get something for nothing rather then work, by all means try an educate them and encourage them to fend for themselves and become part of the community but until you accept that they have different set of ethics to the rest of us you will never come to grips with the problem. So we accept that this group of people want to live the way they do and see no shame in living of the state, you can not starve them back into work but what you can do is to make life on the dole unpleasant by making it impossible for them to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, go to the cinema, go on holidays etc etc HOW? Easy you do not pay out any unemployment benefit in hard cash you give them vouchers. With these vouchers they will only be able to pay out for the necessities in life, they would not be able to sell the vouchers as they would be in their name and presenting them at a shop they would have to confirm their ID. No one would go hungry, cold or be unclothed but they would not have any luxuries and if anyone who is on vouchers is seen driving a car, smoking or in a pub they can be asked where they got the money from. Vouchers would have a stigma attached to them as people would recognise them as scroungers, obviously there would have to be a period of time says a year where you would be given cash because there are genuine people who may be in between jobs and they have been contributing through their taxes, as for single mothers they should only be given vouchers they should be made responsible for their actions and the father of their child should be hounded for payment to support his of spring.
I believe this will force people back into work, as they will not be able to buy take away so they will eat healthier, if they are at work they will have less time to become social misfits and when they have to pay for their luxuries out of money they have earned they may start to respect other peoples property.

Can you see any of my ideas happening NO I do not think so if this letter gets printed there will bound to be an out cry from the Left Wing Do Goode’s who will try and defend this underclass, it seems the scroungers, thieves and vagabonds always have a Champion to protect them, when will the Working, decent law abiding person get their Champion?

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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