Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IHerb do not pay Import Duty

In February I purchased some vitamin tablets from a company called Iherb, after a while I started getting demands from DHL for import taxes, they never put the details down so I thought it was a scam. Several weeks ago I had warning letter from a debt recovery agency saying I owed DHL £10.97 although only a small amount I still thought no I had paid for all delivery charges but its seems I was incorrect this is IHerb reponse
Dear Customer, > > We regret the misunderstanding; but the shipping charges in our order system> > do not include duties and taxes for international customers.
I expect some where in the small print it states this but I feel I was mislead by this company which I might add I shall not use again.
The lesson is, do not be fooled by low prices from the USA expect hidden charges
I have paid the amount.

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