Thursday, November 20, 2008

Should we spend

When any normal person gets into debt what advice would you give them? I would suggest they cut back on their spending cut out things that are not essential i.e. Holidays etc maybe even sell a few things. Yet the Government now tells us that the best way forward is to spend money therefore increasing your debt this will be good for the economy we are told. MAYBE but will it be good for us NO unlike Banks and Civil Servants who get into debt we will not be bailed out by this government or any government come to that, have look at last weeks paper where there were 6 houses repossessed and now up for sale at a Bargain price. Where was the Government when these people needed help? There was an old saying “Money goes to Money” it seems if your Debt is big enough i.e. millions the government will help you but if your debt is thousands you can become destitute, who would have believed it would be Labour Government helping the rich and famous while treading down the working man into the ground. Our Prime Minister says” Do not blame me it’s those horrible Americans who started it” sounding just like the little boy caught doing something wrong and says “wasn’t me mum”. I expect Government Ministers, Banks and Civil Servants will have a good Christmas but blow the rest of us.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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