Sunday, November 02, 2008

Visa, Invalid Buggy,NU Labour recession

I have at long last got our visa from the Russian Embassy to visit St Petersburg for the World Sombo Championships, they certainly make you jump through hoops to get one and the final cost was about £60 and with the Flight costing £381.50p the 4 days there will not be cheap. The recession has hit my Martial Arts Association we had to cancel our British Championships because of lack of entries, most complained that it was to near Christmas and they were unsure of their money circumstances, I expect there will be more to come.
NU Labour are talking about bringing in a test for people using Invalid Buggies and about time to, it is always the few that ruin it for everyone else. Some Buggies drivers are a danger to themselves as they seem to think they have an invisible shield around them and some of them are so rude never a honk on their horn or excuse me NO just bang into your legs and then you get the "CAN'T YOU SEE I AM AN INVALID" "NO! I HAVE NOT EVOLVED ENOUGH TO HAVE EYES IN THE BACK OF MY HEAD" lets insist they have insurance cover as well and go on a course for good manners. Recently a small shop keeper had a complaint from a Buggy driver that she could not get her buggy in the shop, she subsequently complained to the authorities that the shop was in breach of the Disability Act. This could lead to the shop having to spend a lot of money altering his door and shop to comply with the act or he would be forced to close and sell up, I await the outcome. While we are at it make cyclist take a test and get insurance they are a menace on the Road and on the pavement

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