Saturday, February 07, 2009

Golliwog sanctuary


Dear Editor

The latest furore in the papers concerning Golliwogs has left me dismayed; this lovely, cuddly doll has been the companion of millions of children over the years. The hatred shown by certain sections of these countries intelligencer who believe they are the guardians of what we think have decided that the outlawing of the Golliwog is the only way forward to a sanitised society. I believe this will lead to thousands of Golliwogs being discarded, left without a home or friendship. Thrown into an uncaring world, with only destruction to look forward to can this be just. This should not be allowed to happened, surely British people believe in Justice, surely we have gone past the idea that the Colour of wool is the only mitigating factor in discriminating against a Doll? I am offering a sanctuary to all Golliwogs that are no longer loved or cared for with the hope that one day we can say again “I have a Golliwog and I am Proud” remember “a Golliwog is not just for Christmas it is for life”

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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