Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Because of Immigration the British population is on track to grow from 61 million to 70 million in the next 20 years, and 80 million in mid-century.

Frank Field revealed data showing that there are 591 primary schools in England where English is known or believed to be a second language for 70 per cent or more of pupils.
The data also showed that in 116 primary schools more than 95 per cent of pupils are known or believed to have English as a second language. It also showed that in ten schools, 100 per cent of pupils were known or believed to have English as a second language

On 21 January, the Co-Chairs of the Cross Party group issued a statement about the unemployment figures stating that they increase pressure on the Government to ensure British workers get the first chance to apply for any new vacancy. The Co-Chairs’ statement referred to the fact that the Government had issued a record number of work permits last year, just as the recession was beginning to bite.

Government policy allows non-EU migrants to come to the UK to look for work or to take up jobs which British workers and unemployed people have not had the chance to apply for.

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