Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is Brit offensive

Am I right in thinking that PAKI is short for Pakistani?
> Prince Harry calls a mate "Our little Paki friend" and is forced to apologise two years later. This guy was a mate of his for heavens sake! >
> Am I right in thinking that "Brit" is short for British? Should the Sun Newspaper be forced to apologise every time it prints the word Brit or The Brits are coming?
Is the word Brit offensive? >
> Is "Scot" Offensive? "The Scots are coming". Another Sun Newspaper Football Clash Headline classic. >
> What about Ozzie? Kiwi? Pommie? Limey?
Where or when will this lunacy end?
The Cornish call all holiday makers "Grockles" Anything wrong with that? >
> If a Pakistani called you "His Brit friend" Would you feel offended? Would you demand an apology on National TV? Of course not. >
> Del Trotter refers to "The Paki Shop" in one episode of Only Fools and Horses. (Now overdubbed for UK Gold with the offending word taken out). (The episode when they build a nuclear fallout shelter). Should Sir David Jason now apologise? Should the writer John Sullivan apologise?
Should the BBC apologise? > > What about the Fuzzywuzzies? "Dads Army" >
> What about "You stupid Kraut"? Fawlty Towers. Both still being broadcast regularly with no overdub. >
> The Idiots are at it again trying to stir up racial hatred. It's just madness surely? >
> I'm happy being a BRIT, BRITISH, ENGLISH, POMMIE, LIMEY or whatever. I don't care a fig. I only care when I'm called a RACIST!!!!! >
> I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT YEARS "BRIT AWARDS" ON THE TV. LUCKILY, THANKS TO THE ZEALOTS, RACISTS AND BIGOTS THERE WILL NEVER BE A "PAKI AWARDS". Oh no indeed, because all the Pakis will be at The Brit Awards. And us Brits won't mind at all will we? >
> There's something rotten in the barrel and nobody in government or local politics has the guts to stand up and say "GROW UP THE LOT OF YOU". >
> If you agree then pass this on. If not then you still have the democratic right to delete it. (Well for the time being anyway)...

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