Thursday, March 12, 2009

Community Cinema

Community Cinema

Am I missing something with regard to turning the Old Odeon Cinema/New Century Cinema into a Community Cinema, I was under the understanding that a Multiplex Cinema was being built on the old Industrial Park or am I wrong? The reason the New Century Cinema closed was because it was not financial viable and that is not a surprise in the days of Multiplex, DVD and Home entertainment so why would a Community Cinema be financially successful? I personally think that particular building is an eye sore and would love to see it demolished and replaced with some nice little coffee and Art shops but if sufficient member’s of the public want to invest their hard earned money into this project that is down to them on condition they do not start asking the Council and Government for money at a time when our taxes are needed for more important things. I dear say all those people who are losing their jobs and houses due to NU Labour economic policies are not interested in a Community Cinema

Martin Clarke Sittittingbourne

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