Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fighting for Freedom

Fighting for freedom...

How the Campaign for an Independent Britain


working to restore British freedom and democracy

Lobbying MPs, Peers and MEPs to persuade them to speak out against the ex­pansion of EU power.

Keeping up the pressure on all the main political parties to honour their election pledge to give the British people a referendum on the EU Constitution.

Supporting the call by Lord Tebbit for a referendum on Britain’s future relationship with Europe.

Fighting the influence of pro-EU elements in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh National Assembly.

Resisting the Euro-Federalist agenda within the European ‘Parliament’.

Maintaining a strong, united front against the EU with like-minded patriotic and pro-democracy groups throughout the British Isles and Europe.

Developing our grass roots organization so that we have active campaigners in every part of the UK.

Organising pro-democracy meetings and rallies in towns and countryside.

Publishing and distributing leaflets and newsletters highlighting the need for vigorous defence of Britain’s sovereignty.

E-campaigning – using email and the web to educate and inform the public.

Providing speakers for meetings and conferences across the UK.

Highlighting the full facts about the EU through our ‘Time for Truth’

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