Thursday, April 09, 2009

Empty Property @ Council Tax

Recently a lot of time has been spent questioning MP’s expenses and how much Council have lost to Icelandic Banks yet it is the general public and small businesses who have to take the brunt in extra taxes and extra regulations which generate income for Councils and Government
One anomaly is a landlord or Home owner paying Council Tax after 6 months if the building is empty, as some one who rents out flats I have always found this law annoying, why should I pay Council Tax for an empty building I already pay it where I live. Of course the government have always got an answer they maintain to help the homeless this an incentive to keep property in the Rental Market, What has happened to man’s home being his Castle if it my property why should I be forced to rent? No matter this in the past has just been an annoyance as in the past I rented my flats very easily but things have changed with the credit crunch there are lots of properties now available to rent. So it is not so easy to rent anymore I have 3 flats empty one has been refurbished after a Tenant absconded without paying his rent and the other two regulars have lost jobs and can no longer afford the rent one has to do a flat share. Because I am a bit particular who I have in my Flats and will not rent to the first person who comes along, it will take me longer to find a suitable tenant once again in the past it would not take 6months.In today’s climate where people are losing their homes, their jobs and being forced to rent their houses or move back with family, the rental market has become saturated and in all probability my flats will take longer then 6 months to rent. Of course it is not in my interest to have them empty and I may have to consider different methods to encourage people to rent BUT WHY SHOULD I PAY A FURTHER TAX because of this government ineptitude

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