Saturday, April 25, 2009

Marika Sherwood and Golliwogs

Dear Editor

Marika Sherwood accusations against Miss V Hemsley-Flint because she dared to have a golliwog just prove that some people live in a different world to the rest of us. Most children who had a golliwog just saw it as a toy something they would derive comfort from something to feel safe with when the went sleep rather then being a gross insult to Black people it is a compliment to them, a child would look at a black face and feel safe. It is only when the get older that they learn to be bigoted and they will eventually see that not all Africans are like Robert Mugabe or the Somali Pirates, tell them to watch the BBC programme about the Ladies detective agency set in Africa there they will see that African people are the same as English people
Marika Sherwood then goes on to say there is a need for a Federation of Black Police Officers I thought it was illegal to discriminate on the basis of the colour of the skin? Many White Male Police Officers want an organisation as they are being discriminated against, because of their colour, sex and sexual orientation. Where does it stop next we will a Right Hand under 5ft Police federation, the Federation of Black Police Officers carries on the myth that Black people are different to everyone else.
With regard to the History lesson Marika wants us to believe that Black and Indian people have been here for 2000 years, well it may have been the case that the Romans brought a few slaves from Africa when they settled in England but most went back if there were any left when the Romans left, very much like the programme MERLIN some want to manipulate history for there own benefit rather then face the truth. Do you not think that if Black and Indian people were here for 2000 years the colour of the English skin would have changed? What is fact that Black people have lived in England for at least 400 years especially round the sea ports s they would have come here as sailors and traders.
The truth is most English people are not racist, Black, Brown and White Englishman tend to get along but what all of us dislike is the amount of illegal and legal immigrants being allowed in this country at a time of National Crisis some thing we can not afford, Marika may want to believe in racist views but the majority of do not care about skin colour.

Finally Marika’s comment and I quote “However I do agree that people should be hired on merit- as long as this ignores gender, disability and skin colour” So these groups should get favourable treatment is that another way of saying DISCRIMINATION.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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