Sunday, June 14, 2009

KCC Elections

I was on holiday and missed the excitement of the elections I did vote by post. AS a Tory I wanted us to win and I am pleased to that Dan Hannan was once again returned as a MEP, mind you why I bothered voting in the Euro elections is beyond me, as our own MP’s come under scrutiny for fiddling the EU do not have to balance their books and MEP’s like the Kinnocks become Multi Millionaires but my main reason for is writing is for KCC dominated council not to be cocky with their majority because it was not because of the job they have done with KCC in the past it was because people were sick to death of Labour. It has been many years since I considered voting for an other party but because the last Conservative KCC has wasted an exorbitant amount of money on their Web TV project, plus the Iceland fiasco and their promotion no I will go further their proper gander on promoting Homosexuality in schools. I am sick to death of being told that Homosexuals are superior to the rest of us cannot something’s be kept to the bedroom. As luck had it our sitting KCC Councillors were labour and quite a good duo by all accounts, so I could vote for Messer’s Willacombe and Whiting both who I know are good local councillors both new brooms to help sweep clean the old KCC hopefully all the other new Tory Councillors will help in this task

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