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June 1st – 10th 2009

This was our second trip to Turkey the last was about 16 years ago when I had to attend an IBF Conference, it was in Istanbul which I did not like one bit. So with some trepidation we decided on a holiday on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Why? One I wanted some sun with blue seas at a reasonable price, holidaying in the Euro Zone was not just expensive but not value for money, all the decent areas had become havens for drunken Brits of all ages with tacky shops etc just look at the comedy programme Benidorm and you will get the idea. So I searched the internet for an apartment, I did not want a Hotel and certainly did not want All Inclusive. I have only had one experience with All Inclusive and that was when Valerie paid for a week in Forte Ventura for our 25th wedding anniversary, we had the same food every day, the drinks were local brew and tasteless, the cliental were mainly unemployed people from Nottingham Council estates, entertainment was mediocre at best with no dress code for the evening, people would turn up straight from the beach stinking of sweat, beer and sand. Highlight of the evening was to get your Bra, knickers or false teeth to the compare, can you imagine that after a whole day of use!!!! Of course Valerie picked a time when the kids should be at school, what a joke we were run live with them and when questioned the answer was “It’s cheaper during School time”

Some say I am snob well so be it I holiday for my benefit not others, any way back to Turkey. After looking through the internet we decided to book a two bedroom apartment with a communal swimming pool, which we found clean spacious, air con and with good views, the swimming pool was not over crowded downside was the mosquito’s at night you will need plenty jungle cream, one invasion of ants and having to climb 77 steps but the pluses out weighed the minus. Kalkan itself was quite a nice small town with plenty of restaurants, small shops etc mind you like most tourists places you had to put up with touting from nearly everyone with the well oiled saying “Hello you remember me I remember you come and eat” Restaurants were clean, toilets very clean, waiters were very friendly have not made up my mind whether this is genuine or just a sales pitch. The food itself was OK but nothing special an the prices only a little cheaper then the UK for example 2 starters, 2 main meals consisting of grilled meat rice and salad plus 4 beers £45 some bars were offering small beer for 75p. A trip on a boat is a must, diving of a boat in the Med is great fun, but it is not for kids it lasts about 7 hours and you have a free meal which was home made and the best meal I had in Turkey but beware do not think the drinks are free you were continually asked if you would like a drink in a really nonchalant way, when you dock you are presented with the bill £30 in my case. It always the case the last couple of days of your holiday you find a nice little restaurant on your door step which was cheap and a good standard of food and drink, this was the case with Café Vita Kalamar Yolu. Two starters, two main courses, two Vodka Lemonade, two very large glasses red wine £27. There were lots of man made beaches and beach clubs and a beautiful beach where turtles come up at night, everywhere the water is crystal clear and warm.

I rather interesting custom has developed amongst Brits of a certain age is to dress in white on the last day to show of the tan, they only needed them to wear hoods and you would think the Klu Klux Klan has arrived, mind you I suppose I am jealous because it is asking for an accident if I wear light trousers

This was one of the best Holidays in the Sun I have had and came up to my expectations, I can recommend Kalkan Turkey to anyone in fact I have booked a 14 people villa for next year to celebrate my 60th and my 40th wedding anniversary ideal for a family holiday.

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