Saturday, June 27, 2009

Press Discrimination

I recently tried to advertise my Flats to let in one of the local Kent newspapers and was refused because they considered the piece illegal under Discriminatory laws. The section that offend them was “Suit Mature British Subject” when I contacted them to complain I asked what discriminatory about the ad was the word Mature or was it British Subject? Yes you have guessed right it was British Subject. I tried to explain to this female that I had intentionally used the word SUIT so it would not be considered inflammatory in any way, I then went on say if this was discriminatory then using the word MATURE would discriminate against the IMMATURE, or what about adverts that state NO SMOKERS this discriminates against SMOKERS or no PETS does this discriminate against PET LOVERS or NO DSS I can go on. It seems the latter are OK it that horrible word BRITISH SUBJECT a word that you used said with pride but now is considered something to be ashamed of, well according to this paper.
At the end of the conversation she admitted that the owner had directed her not accept the add as may lead to complaints, so our crusading press are now worried about complaints Good job the daily Telegraph had some balls. I have been on the Internet and checked up about Discrimination Laws and can confirm that there is nothing which can refer to my ad. If the owner had said I do not want the Ad rather the hide behind some fictitious law nothing more can be said

So why all the trouble well in all honesty I only want British Passport Holders no matter what colour or religion because at the front of the building I have a Martial Arts Club where children train so if required I need to get a Criminal Records check on my Tenants, a full CRB check can only be done on British Subjects all others you only check on when they entered the country. It is a well known fact that paedophiles, murders and rapists have been allowed in without any checks. I feel I have a duty of care to the children. Also by law I am expected to give a written contract if the tenant can not read English how can he read it? Finally I am not interested in transient tenants who have no references and are living of the backs of the state. I have on occasions rented to non British Subjects but these have always been people I have got to know through my international martial arts Connections.
Dear Blog reader I have sent a copy of this to the various local and Kent newspaper but do not hold your breath for it to be printed, Freedom of Speech in the UK only exists on the Blogosphere

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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