Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have to look in amazement when I read the articles in newspapers where the British Government are supposed to be involved in torture through their secret service. I refer of course to Binyam Mohamed while he was being held incommunicado in Pakistan. He maintains he was tortured by the British Secret Service while in Pakistan yet he was held in incommunicado (deprived of Communication) how did he know he was in Pakistan? He was in Pakistan with a false passport associating with members of the Taliban and was arrested and kept Guantánamo Bay for many years where he claims he was tortured by the yanks and deprived of Food, if you see photos of him arriving in the UK he looked in perfect health.
So here we have man who associates with terrorists, lies about his name age and country of origin, who is not even a UK Subject, someone who was refused political asylum, some one who was arrested by the Americans not the British being given Tax payer money to sue the British Government for something he can not prove. Now the Human Rights pariahs have jumped on the bandwagon in comes all those Millionaire Lawyers paid for by the tax payer who will milk the system. Binyam Mohamed should be sent back to Ethiopia where he came from and he should be made to pay back all the money he conned the British Tax payer out of.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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