Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Local Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Gordon Henderson, has written to the Environment Agency and urged them to review the way in which they regulate the way that waste-paper sludge and sewage sludge is used for agricultural purposes.

Mr Henderson’ s action follows hundreds of complaints about foul and objectionable smells coming from fields in different parts of the constituency, including Bredgar, Iwade and Leysdown.

Mr Henderson said:

‘We are told that using this sludge as fertiliser is a wide-spread practice that is monitored and regulated by the Environment Agency.

‘If this is true, then all I can say is that the Environment Agency is not making a very good job of ensuring that the sludge does not have an impact on the quality of life of those residents and businesses who are affected by its use.

‘The stench from the fields is quite repulsive and although it only lingers for a relatively short time, one day of the obnoxious smell is a day too long.

‘I have written to the Environment Agency and asked them to review the way they regulate the use of sludge. If they are going to allow the continued use of the sludge then the Agency should insist that it is treated in a way that removes the worst of the smell.

‘Meanwhile, I would urge anybody who is affected by these smells to contact the Environment Agency direct to complain. The more people who complain, the more likely we are to see action.’

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