Monday, November 01, 2010

Pill for 13 year olds

Contraceptive Pill for 13 year olds

Yes it has been reported that a Health Department on the Isle of Wight are to issue 13 year olds with the pill without consulting their parents or Doctor and people like Peter Tatchell of Gay Pride are campaigning to have the age of consent brought down to 14.

I may be 60 and old fashioned but has nobody yet worked out the more detailed sex education you give to children the more they will try to experiment and giving them the pill at 13 purely for contraceptive purposes will say to kids OK you have taken the pill now you can have as much sex as you want without getting pregnant. How long before it is a legal requirement as soon as girl reaches puberty she will have to take the pill and through peer pressure forced to have sex.

It no surprise to me that the more intimate sex education you give, that there will more under 16 pregnancies and do not blame the kids, blame the bureaucrats who are obsessed with sex, sometimes you must wonder if they get some sort of stimulus out of this obsession. 18 years ago I was a School Governor and I can remember arguing with the Chairman when we came to sex education He argued that they talk about sex in a loving relationship I argued that we should talk about sex with in marriage need less to say I lost but I am told that now even Loving relationship is not even mentioned. Having Sex is something you do for fun like playing a computer game.

When I was in my teens we new next to nothing about sex we had the basics taught but that was it, most of us had married parents in fact I did not know anyone who did not have married parents. Sex was meant to be in the marriage bed and that was it. Of course young people will try it out but one they would be very careful who they told and it was still considered ungallant to brag about a conquest, courtship was long none of this moving in together after a few weeks. If your parents found out you were having sex there would be all hell to pay and if you got pregnant you got married no questions asked, mind you in those days you respected your parents. Yet I knew no one who was under 16 who was pregnant, if a girl was sleeping around she was termed “Old Bag” or a “Hoare” as for being a single mother it was unheard of in those days we had the quaint old fashioned notion that you had children in marriage, Marriage that where a Man and Women said vows mainly in a church to stay together and remain faithful even in my day that did not happen all the time. If a girl got pregnant outside of marriage she would bring instant shame on the Family sadly even in my early days the Father would not be castigated which he should have been as it takes two to Tango. It seemed old right for boy to sow his wild oats but not a girl that’s some thing I never agreed with

I expect the majority of you reading this will be saying that Clarkee must be a dinosaur and the modern person has the right to do anything they like. So what have we got?

1) The highest teenage pregnancies in the Western World

2) Various forms of VD at an all time high

3) Aids in both male and female , no longer just Homosexual disease

4) Women with children with multiple fathers

5) All time high of single mothers

6) All time high of unwanted babies

7) All time high of abortions

8) Sex becoming just become a pleasurable act rather then an act of love

Of course you have the knock on effect more houses to cope with single mothers, more people claiming housing benefits plus other benefits, more time and money dealings with sexual transmitted diseases etc.

When I speak to younger people about this, they just laugh and tell me I jealous because I missed out because I stayed with one women only. Well it is true I have been married for 40 years with 3 children from one women, I do not have sexual diseases, I do not have any unwanted children and I do put women hood on a pedestal who are not be treated just as sex objects and I have old fashioned Christian morals Yes looking at to days society I am a dinosaur but I just wonder how many people out there would like to be dinosaur as well. Just think it will be Saturday soon and I will miss getting boozed up, having a good old snort plus have a joint then finish of the evening by a good lay with near total stranger, followed by Kebab and then throwing up every where and I am jealous to have missed all that?

Martin Clarke

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