Sunday, October 31, 2010

Housing Benefit Cut a good idea

When the Governement announced it was to crack down on housing benefit and the figure of £400 maximun for a 3 bedroomed house I naturally thought that was per month and thoght that was draconian but when I realised that was per week or approx £1734 pcm I couldnot believe it. Who in their right mind would pay that much rent for a 3 bedroom house here in Sittingbourne where rents are high the average is £800 pcm. So why is that idiot Boris Johnson complaining about? If someone can pay over £20,000 a year on rent they must have some job I would have thought with living costs etc you would have to be on over £50,000 and by deffintion there job must be highly skilled, if they were made redundant you would expect them to find a job relatively quickly maybe even moving to a different part of the country.
So who are these long time unemployed who live in such expensive houses? If someone live on state benefit or as like to call Charitable handouts they should be moved to areas where the living expenses are cheaper. I here that some of the reasons for not moving them is that they have family in the area, well they must be rich relations, the children at a nice school well there are nice schools in the sticks, they need medical treatment are we to believe they can only get this in well of area's?
Why don't people realise that sucking of the state is costing us to much money and the real poor will not be hurt by this cap on housing benefit.

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