Friday, April 08, 2011

Ely school gives 717 children detention in 4 days after rules crackdown | Mail Online

Ely school gives 717 children detention in 4 days after rules crackdown Mail Online 

Scotland said that Kids as young as 14 should be able to leave school as long as they were moved into an apprenticeship. I think this a great idea but feel 15 would be a more appropriate age. Keeping kids on till they are 18 is ridiculous, 16,17 and 18 they are Young Adults and to keep those at school who do not want to be there is a recipes for disaster. I know many youngsters who would be better being at work at 15, I am 61 and my generation all left school at 15 we soon grew up when we got into the work place. The money spent keeping kids at school would be better spent paying firms to take on apprentices or some other for of training, why not start training some to work on farms the farmers are always complaining they do not have the skilled worked force that’s why they employ foreign labour or even go back to the old YTS scheme. All successive governments have made to much on going to University anyone not going they consider a failure, they want have a system where all the British are the managers, doctors, professinals etc and the rest of the work can be done by cheap foreign labour leaving the rest on the scrap heap. The British Government no matter what party should be governing and responsible for all the people not just a proportion

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