Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Editor on AV

Dear Editor

I am far from happy about our electoral system but the proposed Alternative Vote system is a nonsense , this is a system where you can get everyone last choice voted in a daft system. I think we have two choices Keep the first past the system where the where there is ONE MAN ONE VOTE but make it compulsory to vote with a “not one of the above” the reason we have a low voting turnout is because most people are too lazy to get to the polling station. Another way is Half of the MP’s would be voted in on first past the post with the constituencies being doubled in size and the candidate not allowed to show the name of the party on any electoral material, this would stop the major parties bringing in Party Stooges the candidate would have to work hard to get his name about. This will keep the link between the MP and the electorate and the other half on how you vote for the relevant political party i.e. if One party gets 50% of the vote they 50% of the MP’s and so on

Martin Clarke


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