Thursday, April 07, 2011

I am back on Caravan Trail

Those who have been following my Blog will know I turned my Caravan over 3 years ago on the Motorway and it has taken that long to get the Insurance Company Royal Sun Alliance to pay out. Well last weekend was our first trip out and we went just a few miles away to Little Satmar Capel-le-Ferne Folkestone. Caravanning is supposed to be relaxing I am afraid that is not always the case, once again I asked Valerie to see me back on the Caravan hitch and as per usual she places herself where I can’t see her in the mirrors a little bit of shouting and words like are you stupid rectified that. So we are all hitched ready to go last check is the lights and you guessed one side doesn’t work. So we test all the bulbs they are OK next thing is the fuse board but where is that, anyone who has a caravan will tell you the manual is useless so phone call to company that repaired it OK the fuse board is under the bed so take of all the cushions mattresses etc to get the fuse board but how to test the fuses? Change them around this made know difference. So back to the repair company with the reply “I thought you meant internal lights, the fuse board has nothing to do with rear external lights” So last resort get the AA which surprisingly enough covered my caravan as well, they stripped the back lights emery clothed everything and got them working.

So 3 hours late we are off down the M20 with them big juggernauts pulling you over as they overtake doing a steady 50 mile an hour, yes you would have enjoyed following me. On arrival at Little Satmar we were one of only 3 caravans and now came the set up, surprisingly both the wife and I have set jobs and this went quite smoothly. Once inside the Caravan Valerie is the Boss and I do as I am told, I have no idea how the cooker, fridge, freezer and micro wave work as for making beds and using a dustpan and brush is beyond me so I think the best thing for me do is just sort the TV out and wait till she has made me a cup of tea.

Now it is time to relax and yes that is exactly what we do, we both read, I write on my laptop, Valerie does her word search and we listen to Radio 4 till about noon and then we go out, oh I forgot Valerie makes the breakfast and washes up, I do dry the spoons.

Folkestone does not have a very good reputation, derelict buildings, Illegal immigrants and of course CHAVS. The latter especially the fat over weight female chavs seems to meet around the beach section of the harbour. They are easily spotted about twice the weight they should be, clothes to small for them, lot of wobbly fat on show, mobile to the ear, smoking and eating a burger. This amazing feat is splattered with swear words and pieces of food flying out of the mouth. Sitting round this beach area is quite interesting if you are in to people watching, the Chavs catch your eye straight away but there so many others, joggers, young families, older couples, people on mobility scooter and the amount of people with dogs unbelievable. Before you get to the Beach you pass all the sea food stands and the seafood in Folkestone is the best you will get any where local whelks and the home made chowder is to die for and if you like a drink there several Pubs although some of them do have that rather special breed using them,the PARENTS of CHAVS. Mind you may walk for a while without hearing the English language most are tourists thank god the illegal seem to congregate around the town.

The part which will remind you of the glory days of the town is THE LEAS this is a lovely area with clean beaches a beautiful little park which has an adventure playground for the kids and right at the end a nice little cafĂ© with some good food and coffee, mind you my cup still had some lip stick on it but overall I like Folkestone and the surrounding country side and you have the Romney Marsh just ½ hour away a place where I spent most of my summers at, all in all a good weekend.

Little Satmar is a caravanning and camping club site and has all the amenities which are clean and tidy but I wish these places would not have push button showers which last for about 10 seconds, which shall return especially as Colin Carrott has a couple Judo and Sambo events near by.

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