Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wind Turbines

So Danish Company will be investing in a factory on Sheppey to produce wind turbines and create 2 thousand jobs Good news. Or is it? How many of those jobs will go to local people have the Local Council made a condition on their planning permission that they hire local people? You can remember when Morrison’s first talked about coming here they said that 80% of the work force would be local Labour but that’s not what we hear from the people who work there they say the percentage is much higher, when I complained to local MP Gordon Henderson about the situation he promised to look into it which he did this was his reply

“I have personally investigated the claims about Morrison’s and I am satisfied that at least 70 percent of their workforce are of British origin. It is true they use agency staff but that is only to supplement their full time staff during peaks in their business”

Now even if Gordon’s statement is true that still doesn’t match the 80% promised by Morrison’s, I wonder whether the public would be allowed to see the names and addresses of their workforce.

So what of the wind turbines I wrote to our MP, MEP, Leader of the council and several other councillors on the subject, within an hour I received the following from our MP “As for the proposed wind turbine factory; if it goes ahead then I am confident that a high proportion of the workforce will come from our area.” As of yet no one else has replied I just hope Gordon Henderson MP is right but sadly I do not have the same confidence he has. The whole of Swale is being blighted by unemployment yet we see not just Farmers but builders and factories taking on immigrant labour rather then employ their fellow country man. I have written countless letters to the press on this subject none being printed it is if they are in cahoots with employers and local council to sweep this problem under the carpet.

I for one have no faith in any political party when it comes to immigration; none have the courage to take on the EU or the Human Rights Parasites.

Martin Clarke

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