Monday, February 06, 2012

Landlords moan and Scottish independence

I was listening to a programme on TV Sunday Morning about the limit being set by government on benefits. Once again you had all the bleeding hearts and lefties saying people can to live on the equivalent of £750 per week, they dragged up the token single mother with a couple of kids who live in affluent area and can not afford to stay because of the clamp down. She said that her partner had left her until then they were comfortable, well is that our fault her partner is not paying his way? There must have been doubts in their relationship as she never married him, so once again why should we pay for her mistake she should move to an area where she can afford to live.
Then came well its the Landlord fault they are to greedy. Well let me tell you as a Landlord the maximum I charge is £500 pcm and the minimum is £85 pw, and every thing is not roses I had my annual Landlords check on Gas appliances one boiler was condemned and one flats gas pipes were condemned because the run was to long. I managed to change the boiler with the condemned pipes into the other flat this was £500 for a days work plus I had to £140 for two certificates. This left two flats with no heating so in comes an electrician 8 new heaters, new showers, new Fuse board, new wiring the cost I expect will be about a thousand pounds. So how many months will I take to get this back oh and I have had two flats empty for 2 months.
I make good money from the flats but not a fortune and being a good landlord costs are always on going. So let the lefties and whining bishops put their hands in their pockets and supply housing.

You must read the article about Scottish Independence the one thing that will make us all hope they gain their independence is the fact that we will have to leave the EU.I advise all Scotsman to vote for Independence so England can regain its freedom for the EU Dictatorship

'Hadrian's Wall' customs if Scotland goes it alone to stop illegal migrants flooding into England

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