Saturday, February 11, 2012

That Idiot Cameron

That idiot Cameron has been at it again Now he tells us that the reason GB Inc is not doing well is that their is not enough on the Boards of various companies!! First of all it was not enough ethnics then it was not homosexuals and Lesbians, what next not enough dwarfs, one legged transvestites. Let me suggest something really radical Lets select people who are good at their job irrelevant of sexual deviation, colour, who they look or their sex. We do not want second rate people on boards of directors, chief of police or any other job come to that because that is what is happening with this ridiculous Positive Discrimination (mid you I can not see anything positive about it). All these minorities and women should stop making excuses for failure remember one of the best Prime Minister we ever had was a women Margret Thatcher, I never heard her moaning about being a female.

As a Conservative I never voted for this man borne with a silver spoon in his mouth I voted for David Davies a man who was brought up by a single mother someone who understood the ordinary person. Look what we have today in all parties Rich People running political parties and running government we have gone back 200 years when the Landed gentry ran the country. These people thought they had the God given right to run us and tell us what we should think just like this lot, to think it was only 30 years ago a Grocer Daughter was in charge.

Martin Clarke

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